About FinFit

Initially introduced as an Employee Loan Program known as, “WorkersChoiceUSA”, we assisted hundreds of client companies and thousands of borrowers, proving that credit can be an affordable option for everyone. Through customer interaction, another fact quickly came to light ...not only does today’s workforce require financial assistance, they also need the education and tools to assess and maintain control of their finances. Thus, FinFit was born.

The Beginning
Established in 2008 in the Commonwealth of Virginia, FinFit is part of a multi-million dollar consumer finance organization with a decade of experience in the finance industry. Our team is comprised of Accounting, Human Resources/Benefits, Compliance, and Payroll professionals whose combined career knowledge provides the genesis of the FinFit Financial Wellness Program.
Our Mission
FinFit is dedicated to providing innovative and comprehensive financial wellness solutions to America’s workforce. We pride ourselves on identifying the unique needs of each individual by offering an array of solutions to guide members through assessing, educating, implementing, and maintaining strong financial health behaviors.
FinFit provides training and resources to ensure members reach and sustain a sound and secure financial future. We are incredibly proud of the assistance we offer to the working public and our experiences show that we are changing the way today’s members deal with financial challenges.