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FinFit Offers a Solution to High Deductible Health Care Plans

Are you interested in or currently offering a high deductible health care plan? If so, FinFit can solve challenges related to high deductibles affecting your employees.

FinFit now provides employers a resource that can offer assistance when it’s needed most, eliminating some of the distress that comes with unexpected challenges and creating a more stable workforce. FinFit’s Health Finance Program delivers a safety net for your employees.

The FinFit Health Finance program is incredibly affordable and a real solution to today’s increasing health care costs. FinFit allows employers to offer low premium, high deductible programs and KNOW their employees will be able to reap the savings and afford the deductibles if they are ever in need. Contact us today to see how you can implement FinFit Health Finance into your organization!

Employer Benefits:

  • Zero cost or liability
  • No maintenance requirements
  • Reduction of costs tied to HSA’s and HRA’s
  • Increased retention rates, decreased turnover, and a novel benefit to use in recruiting efforts
  • Reduction in overall healthcare costs
  • Financially viable competitive edge

Employee Benefits:

  • Reduction of fear and uncertainty regarding high-deductible health plans
  • Reduction of anxiety related to healthcare costs and unforeseen misfortune
  • Pre-approved access to healthcare funds, regardless of credit history for eligible employees
  • Access to no-cost financial tools and resources

Get Started:

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